Reviews with Rob (NorthSide vs Waltrip 1/18/20)

In the game of basketball, you always have to bring your A game. Saturday’s district 23-5A game between NorthSide (11-11) and Waltrip (7-15) would be no exception. In the first half it looked like NorthSide was sleep walking. Uncharacteristic turnovers, missed shots and even technical fouls plagued the Panthers. Waltrip took full advantage with
c/o 2020 guard Harrison Butler leading the Rams with 10 points in the half. C/o 2021 wing Ronald Holmes scored 9 points to ensure NorthSide with a 34 -33 halftime lead. The beginning of the third quarter looked
liked more of the same. Waltrip seemed to be the hungrier team. C/o 2021 guard Caleb Richardson would score 8 of his 16 points in
this quarter. As the Rams would take a 51 -50 lead into the final quarter.

Down the stretch c/o 2020 guard Jeremiah Richardson would
make all the right plays. Most of that would be to continually find c/o 2020 Angelo Stutts for baskets. He scored 9 of his 17 points in this quarter. Couple that with Holmes ability to score thru contact, and get to the free throw line the Panthers would hold on to beat a game Waltrip team 75 -70. Jeremiah Richardson would finish with 13 points and 7
assists. Ronald Holmes would score 17 points and grab 8 rebs. Harrison Butler would finish with 16 points, c/o 2020 Deleon Lewis would
add 11 points and 9 rebs in defeat.

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