Coach Pete Camps: San Antonio Evaluations

CPC San Antonio – MacArthur High School – San Antonio, TX

Loaded with prospects from all over the state the San Antonio camp had plenty of players who caught our eye.


5’7” Roman Arteaga (San Antonio, TX – Alamo Heights HS, 2023) – Only a Freshman, Arteaga was one of the youngest players at camp, but he was able to hold his own against older competition. Not only did he show an ability to knock down shots from inside and outside the 3-point line, he dished out some nice assists with several crisp passes. Even for being one of the smaller players in camp, he showed a lot of hustle and fight by pulling down 15 rebounds. He has plenty of time to develop and should improve his game.



6’4” Lamar “LD” Butler (Austin, TX – Bowie HS, 2021) – Butler is an athletic player who has the ability to make plays above the rim. He has a nice stroke and is able to knock down shots in addition to driving to the rim, playing through contact and finishing with either hand. Butler also had some nice passes that set up his teammates for scoring opportunities. He is a player that college coaches are going to want to keep their eyes on over the next year. LD has a 3.0 GPA.



6’5” Parker Delay (Boerne, TX – Champion HS, 2020) – This young man can SHOOT THE BALL! He knocked down 18 3’s during camp, easily the highest total among the players in attendance. Not only was Delay making 3’s but he was making them from well beyond the 3-point line with a hand in his face. He also has an ability to drive and finish at the rim. College coaches, if you need a shooter, there’s one right here. Parker also has a fantastic 3.8 GPA.



6’2” Kobe Dunbar (Lakeway, TX – St. Andrews, 2020) – Dunbar is another interesting prospect who has the ability to not only pull up and knock down the 15-footer with a hand in his face, but he can also make nice drives to the rim and finish. He was also one of the few players to take a charge! Overall he made smart decisions, took care of the ball, and had some nice assists to set his teammates up. This is another player college coaches should take a look at. Kobe has a 3.5 GPA.



6’0” Anello Hill Zanoni (Corpus Christi, TX – Ray HS, 2021) – Hill Zanoni definitely made his presence felt on both ends of the floor during camp. He showed he has the capability to knock down the outside shot and find the open man with some nice passes. A hustler, this young man had 32 rebounds, out-rebounding some of the larger players. His quick hands on defense helped lead to 8 steals. Anello has a 3.8 GPA.



6’7” Kevin Jaimeson (Austin, TX – St. Stephen’s Episcopal, 2020) – Another player who made the most out of his day at camp, Jaimeson lived in the paint and was a tough matchup for any of his defenders. Not only did he excel on the inside, but he showed he has some range by knocking down a couple outside shots. He also took care of the ball and found the open man for some nice assists. He is definitely a player college coaches are going to want to check out. Kevin has a 3.4 GPA.



5’11” Logan Lopez (Helotes, TX – O’Connor HS, 2020) – Lopez did some very nice things during camp, but his ability to distribute and take care of the ball stood out. He finished camp with a 3:1 assist-to-turnover ratio. He also took care of business inside the arc by shooting 82%. He is also capable of stepping back behind the line and knocking down 3’s. Another hustler, Lopez collected 10 offensive rebounds to help his team (23 total). Logan has a 3.5 GPA.



6’3” Conor McManus (Austin, TX – Westlake HS, 2022) – A smart player with a great feel for the game, McManus really values the basketball. He values it so much, he did not commit a turnover the entire camp (9:0 assist-to-turnover ratio)! He also makes shots (58% overall). Not only was he fantastic on the inside, he was not afraid to knock down shots from long range. He also made some outstanding plays on defense with 9 steals and 3 blocks to go with 36 rebounds. Conor is another high academic kid.



5’5” Alijah Miranda (Corpus Christi, TX – London Middle School, 2024) – The youngest player in camp and still in Middle School, Miranda was not afraid of playing against older players. He made the most of his day in camp on the defensive end by picking up 3 steals. As a younger player, he has a lot of time to improve his game over the next few years as he continues his career.



6’0” Alberto Morales (Austin, TX – Akins HS, 2020) – Morales is a quick player who is not afraid to take it to the basket. There were several times throughout camp where he weave in and out past defenders and either lay it up or find the open man. He also showed some range, knocking down several 3’s way behind the line. His quickness also makes him a good defender as he was able to collect 9 steals on the day. Alberto has a 3.0 GPA.



5’10” Ryan Nurenberg (Corpus Christi, TX – Ray HS, 2020) – One of the most exciting players in camp, Nurenberg plays with swagger. He can shoot from LONG range, well behind the 3-point line (50%). He is also a very nice playmaker (9:2 assist-to-turnover ratio), who makes accurate passes, and ball-handler. He drives and finishes at the basket and isn’t afraid of contact. He also played solid defense picking up 7 steals. College coaches should be all over this player! Ryan has a 4.0 GPA.



6’6” Tristan Osuna (La Vernia, TX – La Vernia HS, 2021) – A tall, long, and lanky player, Osuna did a lot of things well on both ends of the court. That length helped him contribute on both ends of the floor. He was a tough player to score on as he had a camp high 5 blocked shots. On offense, he is a player that lives in the paint and he has some nice post moves, but he did stretch it out and knock down a couple 3’s. This is another player college coaches might want to take a look at. Tristan is a high academic player.


5’3” Ethan Satery-Miranda (Corpus Christi, TX – Incarnate Word Academy, 2023) – Another young player that showed some good things during camp. Satery-Miranda has some range and can knock down the outside shot. He also set up his teammates several times with some nice assists. He hustled all throughout camp. He’s just a Freshman, so he is going to have plenty of time and opportunity to improve over the next few years.


5’11” Chico Strash (San Antonio, TX – Alamo Heights HS, 2023) – Another Freshman who made some very nice plays during camp. Strash did a good job of knocking down shots inside the arc and finishing at the basket, while also finding his teammates with some nifty assists.  He also had an impact on the defensive end, stealing several passes. He was active as he hustled during camp and picked up 18 rebounds, more than some taller players. He’s young so he has plenty of time to improve and grow.



6’3” Alec Roberson (Corpus Christi, TX – Flour Bluff HS, 2022) – Roberson did a little bit of everything during camp including several nice assists and a couple of offensive rebounds that he was able to clean up. He didn’t take many 3’s but he did knock down a good percentage of them (43%). He also has a nice stroke. He was also a threat on defense with several nice steals. He’s only a Sophomore so he’s going to improve over the next few years. Alec has a 3.8 GPA.



6’2” Michael Robertson Jr. (Buda, TX – Akins HS, 2021) – Robertson Jr. was definitely a difference make for his team during camp. His quick hands were showcased on the defensive end he picked up 4 steals and 2 blocks. He has a nice shooting stroke and is able to finish at the rim. He’s able and not afraid to step behind the 3-point line and score from long range. This young man also hustles on the boards as he had 24 defensive rebounds.



6’1” Cy Young (Austin, TX – Bowie HS, 2020) – This player found a way to score the ball during camp (27 shots made). He is definitely a driver who loves to attack the basket, is able to finish, and isn’t afraid of contact. Young might be more comfortable scoring inside (he only took 1 3-pointer, and made it) but he does have a nice shot, as he even knocked them down with a hand in his face. He also set up his teammates with a few nice assists. Cy has a 3.3 GPA.


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