Week 4 OTR Power Rankings

 Week 4 Power Rankings


1. Houston Defenders– Idle last weekend, start the 1st session of the UAA session is this weekend.

2. Houston HoopsIdle last weekend.

3. Cooz Elite– Started the Route 66 tournament in Tulsa with two tough losses, but bounced back to win 4 straight and the championship.

4. Team Harden- Won the Real Deal on the Rock tournament championship in Arkansas, now stand at 10-1 on the season.

5. TJ Ford Basketball Blue- Three good wins in #GRGL2019, PJ Haggerty is picking up where he left off in school ball.

6. Houston Raptors Benjamin- Went 4-1 in the 1st leg of the PH Circuit, DJ Stewart & crew are rolling right now.

7. FYN All Stars- Also went 4-1 in the session of the PH circuit, look forward to seeing them in the King of Spring.  

8. All4Sports- Orin Bailey has his crew playing hard, has some athletic Louisiana imports. 7-1 on the season.

9. San Man Elite- Dylan Dawson had a great #GRGL2019 and looks ready to make some noise during the Live Period.

10. Team Evolution- Elijah Elliot was in his bag at the #GRGL2019, team is piece or two away from moving up this list.



1. Team Harden

2. Houston Hoops

3. Houston Defenders

4. JL3 Elite

5.  RL9



1. PB Nation/YIIS

2. JL3 Elite

3. Team Harden

4. Houston Defenders

5. Houston Hoops


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