Week 3 OTR Power Rankings

A couple of teams were idle this weekend while others participated in the #SpringPreview & #TJFordInvitational. Here’s the OTR Exposure Week 3 Power Rankings



1. Houston Defenders– Still remain at the top spot, beat Urban ASAK and had a close win vs Team Evolution. Undefeated so far in the early part of the season.

2. Houston HoopsMove up 1 spot from last week, have some quality opponents coming up in #GRGL2019

3. Cooz Elite– Tough loss in a 64-62 game vs FAM Elite in the #AllStarShowcase at Second Baptist Friday night .

4. Houston Cowboys- Idle this weekend, but they have also have two good showcase games coming up in #GRGL2019

5. TJ Ford Basketball Blue- Won the TJ Ford Invitational 17U championship in a win over the Houston Superstars.

6. FAM Elite 2020- Went 3-0 last weekend, beat Cooz Elite in the #AllStarShowcase, and Team Evolution & Houston Raptors Benjamin in the #SpringPreview.

7. Houston Topguns- Idle this weekend.

8. Houston Raptors Benjamin- Went 2-1 in the #SpringPreview, lost a very intense game to FAM Elite 2020.

9. D1 Houston- Bounced back after a tough #SIB2019 to win the #SpringPreview 17U Championship. 

10.Team Harden- Big win over Basketball University in the #SpringPreview, awaiting the return of Deuce Guidry.



1. Team Harden

2. Houston Defenders

3. Houston Hoops

4. Jl3 Elite

5T.  RL9

5T. Basketball University



1. Team Harden

2. Houston Defenders

3. PB Nation/YIIS

4. Basketball University

5. JL3 Elite

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