Watch the Throne- Sahvir Wheeler

I always want to give love, and one thing about me, if you put in work, I’ll always give you love. I’m going to start giving players some extra OTR love on their birthday’s. You know who doesn’t get enough love… smaller guys.. In basketball now if you’re under 6’0 it’s very hard for people to put some RESPECK on your name. And Sahvir Wheeler is no exception. With him missing the 1st half of the season due to injury some people questioned was he still the best player in the city. The #1 player in the greater Houston area has heard the doubts, the haters, and the whispers his whole career. “Is he big enough?” “Can he play at A&M?” “He doesn’t shoot it well enough”.  But what he’s done is just continue to win, make plays, and become the top player in the class of 2019 in the 4th largest city in America. I’ve personally watched him take games over and lead his team locally and nationally. I tweeted last year after one of his bigger games that he will one day lead the SEC in assists. When he does, you better believe I will be one of the first people to show him love! On his birthday I’ve decided to note the top 5 games he’s played according to the man himself.

Top Five Games in High School
5) 33 points on 10-11 three pointers vs St. Johns (Freshman)
4) 28 points and 18 assists 1st game in Season Opener (Sophomore)
3) 32 points 12 rebounds and 13 assists vs Kinkaid (Junior)
2) 28 points and 14 assists Vs Game Elite 17U on Adidas Gauntlet
1) 47 points and 12 assists (Senior)

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