TX BOYS TOP 100 Camp & ALL N ONE Standouts

It’s not often that you’ll find me sitting at home on a Saturday when there’s an event going on, games being played, and kids to be watched. This weekend was hopefully the final weekend of preseason basketball, as the official season lies less than 5 days away. Louetta Automotive Sports Complex was where all the action took place with back to back events going down. To start off the day All-N-One Sports had their varsity showdown finale. Which was followed up by TX Boys Basketball & Five State Hoop Report’s Top 100 Camp.


A lot of good players were in the building here are some of the top performers on the day:


Best players in the gym:


Chanse Perkins, 2022 Woodlands Christian

I would say that Chanse was probably the best player in the gym. He is really starting to show an improved handle, and a much better comfortability and feel getting to the spots he wants. Always plays aggressive and with high energy, rebounds offensively and defensively no matter what. He had his jumper clicking, especially the mid range pullup. Didn’t have many wasted dribbles as he was getting to the 15 footer and raising up and knocking it down- even made a few threes as well. The biggest thing that I liked seeing was that although some players seemed to be lagging behind, Chanse was always moving with a sense of urgency from point A to point B. He stayed consistent throughout the entire day.


Franklin Sampson, 2021 Cy Ranch

You probably couldn’t recognize him because he had on a mask the whole time, but on the flip side he made sure the mask was memorable. He also was easily one of the best players in the gym today. He is super athletic, but very sneaky with it. Plays above the rim- one possession got a nice 1 hand dunk, then the following possession came right back with an unexpected insane 1 foot windmill. A terror in transition because he can take bumps and be physical, and also rise up once he hits the paint. He never forced anything, took what the defense gave him. Made some nice pullup jumpers. Clearly impacted the game with his rebounding and guard play.


Players who stood out:


Sean Elkinton, 2022 Crosby

Sean is extremely consistent. He comes to play every game regardless of the score or how much he’s scoring or how much he’s touching the ball. The best attribute about Sean I believe is commitment to crashing the offensive glass and getting rebounds. You can’t teach fight. He got tons of tip ins and created extra chances for the team. He’s always going to play hard and battle in the paint. Solid in the low post if you feed it to him. And can also pick and pop just as well. If his shot is on then he’s a tough matchup spacing the floor. Continues to get more and more comfortable on the floor and with the ball.


Braedon Edison, 2021 Cinco Ranch

Edison has always been a poised, good feel type player. He is very good in the pick and roll. Makes the correct read in almost every possession. Shot the open shot, fed the big. Used his body well to shield off defenders once he gained a step. Did a good job of getting into the paint, reading the defense and/or finishing well. Showed some nice handle moves in open space.


Trevor Passmore, 2021 Cy Woods

A very loud and vocal player. I noticed even from the beginning during stations he was trying to emphasize sharing the ball and playing good basketball. The vocal leadership, and confidence carried over into game play as well. Knocked down threes as usual, but really did a good job of attacking the rim and completing/finishing the play. No matter how tired or slow the game got, Trevor continued to play hard and rebound and run the floor.


Sam Akinrelere, 2022 Foster

Now attending Foster HS. Sam was a very elite transition player. Has enough ball skills to attack you off the bounce, and lots of explosion to go finish. You don’t want to stand in his way if he’s moving full speed. Springs up to the rim whenever he gets close. Finished very well. He was consistent and always made his presence felt on the floor. One of the better rebounding guards out there. Created extra possessions for the team.


Dubem Muoneke, 2022 Cy Ranch

You can’t teach his athleticism. A player who offensive rebounds, sprints the floor hard in transition, rebounds and starts the break, is an aerial threat… attributes like these are always undervalued. It’s these things that makes everybody else’s job easier, makes a team run smoothly when you can count on him. Figuring out how to keep it simple, yet still pick and choose his spots when to attack the open space.


Shey Eberwein, 2023 The Woodlands

Has a lot of natural skills and abilities. Versatile player- does a lot of things well on the court. Knocks down threes with range and will get hot; rebounds well on the offensive and defensive side; slashes and gets into the paint and finishes at the rim. Has good size length athleticism so is sneaky good defender. If he continues to grow and improve his game he could be a very intriguing prospect.


Best Shooters / Shot Makers:


Seth Perkins, 2024 Houston Christian

Never seen this young man before. And he secretly stole the show. Shooter supreme. The LEFTY strap was loaded, and it was locked in from long range. He had the gym shook. I watched him make about 5 threes in a row, on back to back to back to back to back possessions! With each shot he kept moving back to. Being a freshman out there it’s hard being with all older guys trying to get attention, but once he started hitting them it was good to see guys trying to really find him. After he hit 5, he missed 1 then came right back and hit another; then missed one, and hit another again. I think he hit 7 3s and really took the gym over. People were running from the other court to see what all the commotion was about. Way to knock it down young fella, it was fun to watch! If he shoots like that all the time, Houston Christian got a dangerous weapon on their hand.


Harrison Beken, 2023 Houston Christian

Houston Christian won’t have a shortage of snipers in the future apparently. Sniper alert. Harrison is a corner 3 specialist. Shoots with great arc, his shots were hitting all nets.  When you’re a “shooter” the pressure is always on. Takes a lot of confidence and work to even when you miss a couple back to back, to continue to shoot the same shot and believe it’s going in. Harrison definitely did his job.


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