Recruiting level grading scale

I’ve been getting several texts, DM’s, and calls from parents, asking what level their child is on. There are a lot of variables, size, skill set, competition faced, etc. It’s not an exact science to this, million dollar coaches make mistakes, parents make mistakes, and kids make mistakes when it comes to this recruiting game. Like I said, I’m sure my definition may be different from a lot of people who get paid to talk about this, but nevertheless here’s my definitions plus examples of players from 2016-2018 greater Houston area to give you a certain reference point.


High-major plus prospect or HM+
Player is ELITE! Player demonstrates rare abilities. Dominant high school player, clear cut top players locally, statewide and nationally. McDonald’s All-Americans, Jordan Brand All Americans, USA basketball selections. He should have an immediate impact at a national program with the potential for early entry into the NBA. Can have elite physical gifts, and or measurements. Rated 1-30 nationally by various services.

Example: De’Aaron(Kentucky), Jarred Vanderbilt (Kentucky), Quentin Grimes (Kansas)


High-major prospect or HM

Player is the centerpiece to a high-major program who starts three to four years. May also have some elite physical gifts or measurements. A top level high school player, dominated competition locally, state wide, & some national events. Earned All State honors, All-American honors. Rated nationally 40-85 by various services.

Example: Jae LeDee(Ohio State), Savion Flagg(Texas A&M), Carson Edwards(Purdue)


High-major minus prospect or HM-

Player has the potential to significantly contribute to a high-major program over four years. Top level high school player, some good physical gifts. Just a notch below being HM, may have similar skill sets as a HM player. Earned All State honors, honorable mention All-American. Rated nationally 85-150 by various services.

Example: JJ Chandler(Texas A&M), Max Evans(Vanderbilt), Kevin Samuel(TCU), Miller Kopp(Northwestern)


Mid-major plus prospect or MM+

Player is a fringe high-major recruit who contributes or a standout mid-level recruit. Top high school player, may lack a certain skill set or size to be considered HM. Earned all city, region, state honors. Good physical gifts.

Example: Trevor Moore(Cincinnati), Jarrey Foster(SMU), Nigel Hawkins(UTEP)


Mid-major prospect or MM

Player is a multi-year starter at the mid-major level. Has a good skill set, lacks either in size or a certain skill to be considered MM. All city honors, possibly all state honors. Could be a case where prospect is a higher level but didn’t get the certain exposure to boost him.

Example: Antoine Davis(Detroit), Doc Nelson(Weber State), Knox Hellums(Pepperdine/UTSA)


Mid-major minus prospect or MM-
Player is a role player at the mid-major level. May have been a role player on his summer team. Good high school player, one of the leaders of his high school team, if not THE leader. Lacks size or a certain skill set. Earned all districts, and possibly all state.

Example: AJ Lawson(North Texas), Alex Hobbs(Boise State), David Azore(UTA)


Low-major prospect or LM
Player is a low-major Division I prospect. A good high school player. Earned all district honors, possibly all city. May have had some good games in front of college coaches. Has some physical gifts, & a skill set that can translate to the next level.

Example: Tra Wesley(ULL), Nijal Pearson(Texas State), Walter Prevost(South Dakota)

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