Week 6 OTR Power Rankings


1. Houston Hoops– Went 2-2 during the 1st session of the EYBL without LJ Cryer, lost both games by 3 points.

2. Team HardenWent 3-1 during their live period Gauntlet stop.  Playing really well as of late.

3. Cooz Elite– Represented and went 3-1 on the UA Rise during the 1st live period.

4. Houston Defenders- Went a disappointing 1-3 in the 2nd UAA stop.

5. TJ Ford Basketball Blue- Played really well at the GASO, went 4-0 and won the NBA division championship.

6. Houston Raptors Benjamin- Also went undefeated in the GASO and brought home a NBA division gold championship.

7. SBG Elite- Kasen Harrison & crew went out and won a championship in Dallas at the GASO going 4-0.

8. FAM Elite 2020- Went 4-1 in the Terrific 24 in Atlanta in the Invitational Gold Bracket.

9. San Man Academy- Went undefeated in 2 games at GASO and 2 games at Allen Branch’s Live period event. Dylan Dawson and Pierce Spencer are still cooking!

10T. Tx Takeover Ned- Went 4-0 in the GASO, won 3 tournaments before the live period.

10T. D1 Houston- Went 3-1 in the Open Division of the Gauntlet in Dallas.



1.  Houston Hoops

2. Team Harden

3. Houston Defenders

4. RL9

5.  Basketball University



1. Houston Defenders

2. PB Nation/YIIS

3. Team Harden

4.  Houston Hoops

5. JL3 Elite

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