Week 3 OTR Summer Power Rankings


1. Houston HoopsIdle

2. JL3– Went 1-2 in the GASO this past weekend, but with the addition of Bryce Griggs, this group becomes even more dangerous. Once they get some cohesion it could scary.

3. Houston Defenders– Won the “Battle Under the Bridge” in Baton Rouge with a 59-56 win Louisiana Future. East Carolina commit Chancellor White commit finished with 22 points in the final.

4. Scholar Athletes- Went 3-0 in the Houston Live event this weekend, the backcourt of Angel Johnson and Leslie Newsome were tough. Johnson averaged 17.7, 5 rebounds & 3 assists. Newsome 10 ppg, 2.3 assists & 2.3 steals.

5. JL3 McMullen- Again, they still haven’t lost a game all season, looking forward to them matching up with some of the top teams in the city soon. Won the GASO “Stars” bracket this past weekend.

6. Houston Superstars– Went 1-2 in the GASO, had been rolling up until last weekend. PJ Haggerty & Mason Dicks continue to carry the load.

7. Drive Nation Black- Went 4-0 this weekend, Trey Miller has turned the corner as a player and has taken this team to another level.

8. Texas Takeover Pete- Went 2-1 at Houston Live, lost a close game to the Scholar Athletes. Luke Ramirez exploded for 25 in their final game on Sunday in a win vs RL9 Red.

9. Team Temple- Idle

10. Texas Takeover Mike- This group quietly has put together a nice spring so far, with quality wins in each event they played. Including going 3-0 in Houston Live.


1. Houston Hoops

2. JL3

3. JL3 Norris

4. Defenders

5.  Texas Takeover Kemp

6T. Team Temple

6T. CME Elite 2023


1. Houston Hoops

2. One Time Legends

3. JL3

4. Houston Defenders

5. Drive Nation Houston

6. Team Fox

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