Week 2 Power Rankings

The 1st weekend of the spring has concluded, the #SIB2019 showed us who’s ready and who still has some work to do! Here’s the OTR Exposure Week 2 Power Rankings



1. Houston Defenders– Two quality wins vs Dallas Showtyme, & Urban DFW in #SIB2019, they remain at the top spot.

2. Cooz Elite– Had a really good showing last weekend, going 3-0, including a big win vs 3D Empire.

3. Houston Hoops– Three blowout wins for the new look Hoops. A showdown vs Cooz Elite is looming..

4. Houston Cowboys- Another group that got 3 blowout wins, look forward to seeing them again in #GRGL2019

5. TJ Ford Basketball Blue- Went 3-0 in the Showcase Division in #SIB2019. Freshman sensation PJ Haggerty leading them.

6. Houston Raptors Benjamin- Beat some quality teams in #SIB2019, coach Bobby Benjamin has these guys playing tough.

7. Houston Topguns- Don’t look now, but the Topguns are coming..

8. Houston Superstars- Makes their debut this weekend in the TJ Ford Invitational in Austin.

9. Team Evolution- Had a lot of momentum going into to the event but stumbled against a good 3D team, bounced back with 2 more quality wins.

10. Texas Mel Elite- The back to back to back #SIB champs remain in the top 10, had a tough loss to FOE but bounced back to win the 17U Gold championship.



1. Team Harden

2. Basketball University

3. Upside Athletics

4. Houston Defenders

5T.  RL9

5T. Houston Hoops



1. Team Harden

2. Houston Defenders

3. Basketball University

4. Houston Hoops

5. JL3 Elite

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