Week 2 OTR Summer Power Rankings

About half of the teams in the top 10 didn’t play this weekend, but the ones that did, made a statement. Here’s the latest installment


1. Houston HoopsIdle

2. JL3Idle

3. Houston DefendersIdle

4. Houston Superstars- PJ Haggerty continues to cook with the good grease dropping 38 points in a thriller to 3D Empire, Mason Docks has also been on a tear, they went 2-1 in this weekend’s GASO in Houston.

5. Scholar Athletes- Coach Joe has never been shy about where he thinks his team stands. They have been playing well, going 3-0 in the GASO this weekend with an average margin of victory of 33! Spring HS guard Leslie Newsome is thriving. Look forward to seeing them play in the “Houston Live” this weekend.

6. Scholar AthletesIdle 

7. Texas Takeover Pete- Idle

8. Fam Elite- Had a tough run in the GASO, going 0-3 but played without several players due to major injuries. Played with 6 players.

9. JL3 McMullen- This team hasn’t lost a game so far this spring, led by Clear Lake guard Alex Lee, they stand at 9-0 right now… Looking forward to seeing them live in 2 weeks.

10. TJ Ford Basketball- Went 2-2 in the Prep Hoops event in Dallas. Sophomores Bryce Smith & TJ Ford continue to grow in their play. Freshman Robert Miller continues to turn heads with his play this past weekend.


1. Houston Hoops

2. JL3

3. Houston Defenders

4. JL3 Norris

5.  Team Temple


1. Houston Hoops

2. One Time Legends

3. Houston Defenders

4. Drive Nation Houston

5. Houston Flight

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