The ’21 Experience

The ’21 Experience was another platform for these seniors to get a chance to play in front of college coaches live and virtually. Here is a player breakdown of each camp participant.



6’5 Chris Wiseman (Langham Creek HS)- Played with tremendous energy as usual, chased down long rebounds, kept the ball alive for extra possessions. Scored inside, and through traffic. Ran the floor well. Tried to shoot a little too many long 3’s to show his range. He played much better when he stayed 17 foot and in.

6’3 Pj Neal (Legacy SSS)- Started off slowly, but then he picked it up in a big way. Used P&R very well to get to his 10-12 ft jump shot. His pace is improving, and he made a couple of 3’s. Is always locked in defensively, and in transition. At times he he went a little too deep in the paint and forced the action.

5’11 Antoneo Pavia (South Oak Cliff HS)- Very quick and crafty guard who knows how to score. Was a pest defensively, and played the passing lanes. He was able to finish over bigger guys in the paint, making tough shots. He played really well offensively. His only knock could be his size, but it doesn’t hinder him on either end.

5’11 Matthew Garcia (Yes Prep Southeast)-  A shot maker. Understands how to play the game. Made the extra pass that contributed to baskets. Needs to be more aggressive, but it’s tough in a camp setting. I love his energy and how hard he plays.

6’9 Josh Farmer (Sharpstown HS)- First time playing since February and the rust showed early on. After the 1st few minutes, it was clear to see why he’s so highly though of. Scored in the half court using his length and skill. Blocked shots defensively, and showed his perimeter package. Needs to tighten his handle and use his body better when smaller guards defend him on the wing.

6’3 Jackson Morris (Lamar HS)- Liked his energy, was very aggressive offensively. Sprinted the floor for some easy baskets. Tried to do a little too much at times, forcing the issue. Would have liked to see him move without the ball a little more. Loved how confident he played.




6’5 Everett Marlatt (Paetow HS)- Ran the floor well and finished in transition. Scored around the basket, and was a magnet to the ball. Rebounded in traffic on both ends of the floor. Shot a little too many jumpers, and at times, “over handled” the ball. When he plays around the basket he’s very effective.

6’2 Brian Gordon (Shadow Creek HS)- Was tremendous, shot the leather off of the ball, and really played the point well. Easily had one of the better showings at camp. Has worked on his body and he uses it to his advantage on both ends of the floor.

6’0 Elijah Bernstein (Houston Christian HS)- Knocked down shots as usual. Understands how to play, his feel for the game is really good. Made some really good reads and found open teammates when he got in the lane. Once he gets stronger he will impact the game even more.

6’5 Damian Watson (Cy Woods HS)- Played better than I’ve ever seen him play. He drove the lane for dunks, he got separation on his jumper and hit 3’s, and he used his size/strength to his advantage. He was aggressive without looking selfish.

6’8 Stephen Smith (St. Thomas HS)- Competed all day. Ran the floor, blocked shots, grabbed boards. It’s always tough for bigs in camp settings like these to get touches. I did appreciate the way he played hard all day, that is a real skill.

5’9 Jajuan Renchie (Langham Creek HS)- Quick guard who showed a solid handle and good feel. Would have like to see him be more aggressive on the offensive end. Loved his intensity and how he guarded defensively.




6’6 Brian Myles (Legacy SSS)- He was a bully inside as usual. His greatest skill is how hard he plays, his relentless motor was on full display. Scored on the block and from offensive rebounds. Ran the floor for dunks, and is always in the right positions. He needs to continue to own the fact he’s an inside warrior.

6’2 Will Young (Shadow Creek HS)- Tough.shot.maker. Made shots with hands in his face and has the ability to hang in the air and finish shots. Played on and off the ball yesterday, again, there’s not a shot he can’t make. He has to continue to grow defensively, and learn how to move with without the ball on offense.

5’11 Reggie Prudhomme Jr (Ridge Point HS)- Played very physical defense on the perimeter. Put pressure on the defense in transition by always attacking them the way he pushed the ball. Would have liked him to be more aggressive in the half court.

5’11 Damien Himes (Clear Springs HS)- Shot the ball really well. His body has gotten stronger and now he has the ability to get in the lane and finish in traffic. Is starting to take pride in his defense. Needs to continue to work on his pace and stay aggressive offensively.

6’6 Eric Johnson (Travis HS)- Long, lanky inside forward who blocked some shots and grabbed a hand full of rebounds. Does all of the little things and the dirty work to help his team. Needs to continue to add strength to his frame.

6’3 Nathan Self (Houston Christian HS)- Very confident shooter. Spaced the floor for his team, and showed enough handle to keep the defense honest. Has very deep range. Also was able to attack the basket because he made the defense close out to him. Competed on both ends of the floor.

6’4 Johnathan Massie (Legacy SSS)- Had a great showing at camp. He made it a point to guard Josh Farmer, and took the challenge head on. He made shots, showed his athleticism, and continues to show that he is working on his handle. I loves the way he plays the game.





6’6 Geronimo Villegas (Cy Lakes HS)- Was one of the players I wanted to watch extensively. I like his skill set, I like his size, I like the what he does on the offensive end of the floor. He played tough inside, and has crafty finishes. He needs to compete on the defensive end more and play harder.

6’3 Gaston Elie (Memorial HS)- Plays basketball the right way. He can score, he can make shots, and he can pass the ball. Has a GREAT feel for the game.  He also is an underrated rebounder. Does the little things that makes his team successful. In a time where guys play for “me”, he plays for “we”. Every time I see him play he looks better and better.

6’0 Ori Limbrick (George Ranch HS)- Has improved his body a ton. Uses it to get to his spots. Another kid I wanted to see be more aggressive on offensive. I like the way he defends, and competes.

6’3 Trevor Passmore (Cy Ranch HS)- Couldn’t get in his normal rhythm, but still was able to make some shots. Understands how to use screens and get open to get his shots off. Needs to improve his handle so he can use ball screens to get easier baskets.

6’5 Brian Perry (Sharpstown HS)- Started off rusty and a little out of control, but once he got settled in, he was really good. Hard playing lefty who knocked down 3’s, and was all over the glass on both ends. Attacked the rim, and showed his athleticism with several big blocks above the rim.

6’7 Cole Anderson (Barbers Hill HS)- Was a monster on the glass, dominated the boards. Ran the floor for some lay ups, and used his energy to get his team extra possessions. Guarded the post well, and used his length to make it tough on the offense.

6’4 Ethan Yancy (Marian HS)- Was in his bag. Really showed the complete repertoire. When he gets down hill and attacks the rim, he’s tough to defend. Made 3’s and was great in transition. Seems to have taken his game to another level. NEEDS to learn how to compete on the defensive end. If he can do that, he’ll be playing at a division 1 institution next year.



6’7 Wade Autenreith (Spring HS)- Big bodied kid that knows exactly what he is. Plays hard inside, rebounded the ball well. Again, for bigs, it’s tough for them to excel in environments like this. Was able to score a little inside. Always gives you everything he has.

6’1 Noah Kon (Houston Christian HS)- One thing about Noah is that he ALWAYS competes. Yesterday was nothing short of that. Had a really good match up w/ PJ Neal that had the gym alive and well. Is always on attack mode, played above the rim, finished in and through traffic. Has to continue to make 3’s and play with pace.

6’0 Zach Gonsoulin (Ridge Point HS)- Shot the ball well, and scored the ball well. Played a lot on the ball and showed he can PG. Was able to get out in transition and got baskets. Would like to see him sit down and pick up full court defensively.

6’3 Justin Collins (Atascocita HS)- Was a jack of all trades. I like the way he drove to the rim, and was intentional on getting paint touches. Of course he made some 3’s and showed his range but didn’t want to settle for outside shots.

6’2 Bradeon Edison (Cinco Ranch HS)- Was dealing with an ankle tweak before camp. Still played well and competed. Made a few plays but you could tell he wasn’t 100%. He still was able facilitate on offense and find guys for assists.

6’7 Aaron Scott (Legacy SSS)- Got busy yesterday. Was GREAT on the defensive end and that led to him getting steals and getting lay ups. Attacked the defense and got to his midrange jumper, and was money. Is finishing better through traffic, and the added strength is showing. Versatility is his calling card.




6’7 Jefferson Morris (Lamar HS)- Long, energetic forward. Was playing well, blocking shots, rebounding the ball, then he got hobbled by an ankle injury, Showed flashes that he could guard multiple positions.

6’1 Makale Mingo (Langham Creek HS)– Energy guy, glue guy. He did all of the little things for his team. When his teammates were hot, he made sure he got them the ball. When his team needed him to get a stop, he did that. Solid player.

6’1 Zaire Hayes (Manvel HS)- Big Z was on fire yesterday. Scored the ball exceptionally well, made tough shots over defenders. Went at dudes, but he didn’t play selfishly. Averaged about 24 ppg over 3 games, and he competed defensively. Played well on and off the ball.

5’11 Kobe Haynes (Houston Christian HS)- Winner. Played very well Hayes, they were switching defensively, and causing hell for opponents. Kobe always spreads the floor with his jumper. He his getting better running the point and making the proper reads. Always makes winning basketball plays.

6’2 Josh Williford (Cy Ranch HS)- Played hard yesterday, made it a point to defend and compete. Showed he can score it a little bit. Loved his energy, talented kid, needs to improve his strength.

6’9 Ashton Smith (Legacy SSS)- Again, this kid is locked in right now. Made at least 20 highlight worthy plays. Was flying through the air catching lobs, blocking shots, and was going coast to coast for thunderous dunks. The way he’s improving, he’s going to be scary good.



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