#SloanColdFacts ’27 & ’28 Camp Series

Sunday, November 1st, we had a camp for the youngest kids we’ve ever evaluated, 5th & 6th grade… It was one of the best, because these kids competed. They really gave their all, & they are very talented! The parents were really appreciative/supportive, it just made for a great experience.

Here are some of the #SloanColdFacts about the event>

-These kids are so talented and even at the ages of 11 and 12, their understanding of certain concepts and how fast they pick things up are amazing.

-Each kid was so coachable and respectable.

-The energy of the gym was really good from the jump.

– The kids COMPETED.

Here are some of the notable performers.

2027 Payton Jones- He showed why he’s so highly thought of. He was sensational during camp! Very skilled, extremely high IQ. Great bloodline!!

2027 Christian Brown- Another high IQ, supremely skilled, PG who’s tougher than bear meat. Really good feel and awareness, great handle and willing passer. A chip off of the block of his dad Joey, one of the Big East all time leaders in assists

2027 Xavier “Ace” Muhammad- A true young big strong post. Unstoppable when he seals you on the block. Kicked the ball back out when doubled. Has an unbelievable pair of hands. He was DOMINANT inside.

2027 Ryan Nelson- Has the guts of a burglar! Toughness personified. Plays with so much passion and energy, loves to play game. Great defensively and is a blur in transition. Can shoot it from, and attack you off the bounce.

2027 CJ Clay- ‘27 CJ Clay- Tough as nails. Finishes through contact, tough to stop going down hill. Also can shoot it with range. Loved the way he competed.

2027 Tyson Forrest- can play all 3 perimeter spots. Can shoot it, score it and pass it. Big personality and Big game! Leader, winner, and makes impactful plays.

2027 Justin Thomas- Swiss Army knife. Played all 5 positions, guarded bigger players, guarded smaller players. Used his quickness & skill set against both. Also super competitive and has an elite IQ.

2027- Noah Musngi- Can really shoot it. Understands spacing and how to get his shot off. Improved ball handler, gets a lot of deflection on defense due to his length.

2027 Jadarian JD Williams- long, athletic, skilled, and really quick. Attacks the rim with reckless abandon!

2028 Jayce Arriaga- A BUCKET! Very confident offensively, and can already shoot it with range! LOVE his confidence!

2027 Daniel Clark– Long armed scorer. I loved his activity defensively, and he always seems to be under control. Can also play and defend multiple positions.

2028 Marcus Epps- Great size and skill! Tough, physical, & can score inside. He’s huge for his age, and has a really good motor. Loves to compete and win. He’s another kid who can guard every position on the floor.

2028 Josiah Jones– Has a great handle, and finish in traffic over bigger guys. Didn’t seem to get rattled by the physicality. Can shoot it with range and has the feel of a much older player. Great command and composure.

2027- Jayden Butler– Another high basketball IQ kid. Did a lot of everything. He pushed the ball in transition and scored, he was good defensively in transition, and he made plays from himself and others in the half court.

2027 Dylan Bynum– Crafty PG who can score. Tough, skilled and takes pride in playing defense. High motored kid that makes winning plays. Fierce competitor.

2027- Cameron Martin– Long lefty, athletic, and physical. Finished with both hands inside, love his versatility. Can put him anywhere on the floor and he can be successful.

2027 Bryce Jones– Didn’t get many shots in the flow of the game but took advantage of his opportunities when he got the ball. Good shooter, understands spacing and how to get open. Should look to be more aggressive offensively.

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