Plano vs Prosper playoff game breakdown

Texas playoff basketball is different. That remark was proven true last-night. A staggering atmosphere and overall game by Plano and Prosper. Of no surprise by many spectators, Plano won the game…. in Allen’s gymnasium. Final score: 83-65. Plano gets their first playoff win since 2014, and now has an overall record of 33-0. Plano moves on to the second road of the playoffs, and continues the undefeated season..will face either Lake Highlands or Arlington Bowie on Friday night.

5’10 Senior Makhi Dorsey (18 points) was undoubtedly one of the most outstanding players of this playoff game. Dorsey collected an insane 7 steals, and I lost track of how many total deflections he had, as he was a major problem defensively. His steals constantly led to points for himself, got up the floor and finished. He excelled at driving in, using his body well, and converting at the basket. Dorsey displayed speedy-dribbles, which helped him plenty.

A junior standout I can’t forget to mention is 6-7 Justin McBride (18 points), who joined this already successful Plano team in the beginning of January. McBride started the game off doing the little things..grabbing several rebounds and protecting the glass. Once the second quarter came along, he knew it was time to shine. He finished the 2nd quarter with a high put-back, dribble-in to monster dunk, and a signature flashy pass. The 3rd quarter belonged to McBride. He splashed 2 off-catch 3s in the quarter, assisted Xavier Williams in the transition, stole the ball, scored an easy tip-in, and made a few more easy layups, as well as a drive in and euro-step finish in fast-break. He ended the game with a crafty double-crossover and finish inside.

6’1 PG Addison Harmon (Prosper) had the game-high score of 28 points. Just a junior, and unquestionably boosted his stock in this game, in spite of the loss. Harmon contributed with points in every single quarter of the game, he scored non-stop. Harmon showed his ability of making moves on defense, and finishing smoothly at the basket early on in multiple plays. Similarly to McBride, Harmon had an exceptional 3rd quarter. All of his 2nd half points were off three-point shots, or free-throws that came from a 3-pt shot attempt. He made 5 outside shots in the 3rd quarter. He excelled off-bounce and mostly scored it from the wing. Harmon presented a big-time scoring performance against a gritty defensive team.

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