OTR Exposure Texas 2023 Report

OTR Exposure 2023 Report
Volume III Issue I
April 1st, 2022



6’8 Ron Holland (Duncanville HS) (Drive Nation EYBL) Great motor & energy. Impacts the game without scoring. Elite rebounder. Elite finisher. Elite in transition. Runs the floor. Can defend 1-5. Has improved his shooting, very capable 3 point shooter now. WINNER. Top 3 player in the country. (HM+)


6’3 RJ Jones (Plano John Paul II) (Drive Nation EYBL) High IQ. Really understands how to play with pace. Great shooter off the bounce. Uses P&R very well. Can play both on and off the ball. Can finish well in traffic. Not a super athlete. Leader, vocal play maker. (HM+/HM) (940-594-1522)


6’8 Ashton Hardaway (Duncanville HS) (Drive Nation EYBL) Really high level shooter from 3. Can really stretch the floor. Has gotten in better shape. Pick & pop 4 man. Uses his body well on the block when he has mismatches. Good rebounder. Effort and commitment to defense has really improved. (MM/MM-)


6’2 Jamyron Keller (Kileen Ellison HS) (Drive Nation EYBL) Strong, athletic guard with bounce. Loves to get downhill to the rim. A bully. Pushes the pace, always on attack. Can score it, more of a combo than true PG. Physical defender. (MM/MM-)


6’7 Justin McBride (Plano HS) (Drive Nation EYBL) Improved jump shot from 3. Can score on the block, going over either shoulder. Can attack bigger defenders and post smaller ones. Plays with more energy and passion than he previously showed. (MM+)


5’9 Trenton Walters (Frisco Liberty HS) (JL3 EYBL) Super quick, great change of pace guard. Great in P&R, understands all the reads. A blur in transition. Can finish through contact, and over bigger defenders. Good shooter from 3. (MM-/LM+)


6’3 Chris Johnson (Elkins HS) (JL3 EYBL) Talented & athletic scorer. Combo guard that makes plays for others as well. Good shooter, good handle. When he locks in defensively, he’s one of the top 30 players in his class in the country. Great in transition. Has to keep improving his body language & maturity. (HM+) (832-330-3153)


6’9 Zayden High (Smithson Valley HS) (JL3 EYBL) Has had a tremendous spring so far! Can really shoot it from 3. Very skilled, plays with poise and pace. Good rebounder on both ends of the floor. Can attack off the dribble, more of a pick & pop 4 man. Really good body. Great weak side shot blocker. Has gotten tougher. Consistency used to be an issue but so far this spring has been playing at a high level. (HM+/HM)


6’2 Kaden Gumbs (San Marcos HS) (JL3 EYBL) Quick combo that can facilitate and create for himself. Very good shooter. Gets lots of paint touches, has a good feel. I feel he’s better on the ball than off. Plays hard. (MM-/LM+)


6’4 Ja’Kobe Walter(McKinney HS) (Team Trae Young 3SSB) Really complete player. Can shoot it from 3, plays in P&R well. Good decision maker. Leader, winner. Extremely high IQ. His length defensively allows him defend multiple positions. Will sit down and guard. Can score in variety of ways. Good offensive rebounder. One of the top 25 players in the country. (HM+)


6’4 Wesley Yates III (Beaumont United HS) (LivOn EYBL)The best shooter in his class. When he’s hot, he can go 9-11, 7- 10, etc from 3. Physical, can create off the bounce. Very High IQ, well coached. Tough, & will defend. Has improved his body, strong physical frame. Back to back Texas state champ. WINNER. (HM+/HM) (409-351- 4701)


6’3 Kordelius Jefferson (Arlington Martin HS) (RJ Hampton Elite) Competitor. Elite defender. Athletic guard who can score in the half court and is a terror in transition. I love his will to win. Streaky shooter. Attacks the paint & is a good finisher at the rim. (HM/HM-) (817-800-0119)


6’8 Keanu Dawes (Stratford HS) (Texas Takeover Adidas Gold) Long armed, skilled wing. Can shoot it from 3. High IQ. Very good passer. Can get to his mid range spot off the dribble. Plays better from the wing and high post area. OK athletically. Understands how to play in a system. Both parents originally from Utah. (HM/MM+) (801-520-1871)


6’2 Fred Payne (Legacy School of Sports Sciences) (LivOn EYBL) Tenacious point guard who’s tougher than bear meat. Elite defender. Athletic, great body. Can score from all levels. Gets paint touches. Good decision maker. Big shot maker. Will let a questionable one fly every now and then. Competitor. The real deal in transition. (HM/MM+)(318-957-7874)


6’8 Joseph “JoJo” Tugler (Cy Falls HS) (Houston Hoops EYBL) Athletic rim protector & finisher. High motor kid who competes and plays hard. Can score inside with his back to the basket. Elite level rebounder. Solid skill set. Runs the floor every possession on both ends. Will have a breakout summer. (HM+/HM)


6’2 Jaland Lowe (Marshall HS) (Houston Hoops EYBL) Combo guard that plays with tremendous pace and feel. Gets downhill and can finish through contact, understand how to okay with other good players. Moves without the ball well. Good in P&R, high IQ and a willing defender. (HM-/MM+) Dad- Marland Lowe (713-545- 4685)


 6’8 Wyatt Boeker (Woodlands Christian HS) (Houston Hoops EYBL) Versatile forward who can initiate offense. Solid shooter, has a good feel. Can handle it, pass it an shoot it. Good athlete. High academic kid.


6’4 Jace Posey (Strake Jesuit HS) (Houston Hoops EYBL) One of the better athletes in the country. Great in transition. Really good defender. Slasher, driver who is always looking to attack the rim. Has an improving jump shot. Son of NBA player James Posey. (MM-/LM+)


6’5 Malik Presley (San Marcos HS) (Houston Hoops EYBL) Another athletic wing who’s great in transition. Streaky shooter from 3. Can defend multiple positions due to his length. Lefty. Likes to get downhill. Still improving as a ball handler. (MM-/LM+)


6’10 Kendrick DeLuna (TMI) (Houston Hoops EYBL) Big kid that finish with both hands inside. Has a nice left shoulder jump hook and likes to counter with an up and under move. Solid rebounder and shot blocker. Good mobility. (MM/MM-)


5’9 Orlando Horton Jr (Clear Falls HS) (Houston Hoops EYBL) Dynamite PG. Super IQ. Extremely gifted in P&R, understands the reads, & can shoot with range from 3. A blur in transition. Unbelievable feel for the game. Runs the show and is a big time leader. (LM+/LM) (832-540-9195)


6’10 Cam Barnes (Duncanville HS) (Team Trae Young 3SSB) Long & rangy. Rim runner, solid rebounder and shot blocker. Decent athlete. Can shoot it out to 3, more comfortable in the mid/high post. Has a good skill set. Would like to see him be more productive with his size and skill set. (MM+/MM)


6’5 Gehrig Normand (Birdville HS) (3D Empire NY2LA) Can dribble, pass and shoot at a high level. Big time shot maker. Can create off the dribble for himself and others. High IQ and feel. Good athlete. Tough finisher at the rim. Competitor. (HM-/MM+)


6’4 Finley Bizjack (Byron Nelson HS) (Southern Assault 3SSB) Really good shooter. Gets plenty of paint touches. Really good off the bounce at creating his own shot. Crafty finisher at the rim. Thin frame right now. (MM/MM-)


6’5 Nazar Mahmoud (Leander Rouse HS)(Southern Assault 3SSB) Combo that has really good size. Can shoot it off the bounce. Can score from all 3 levels. Knows how to score. Understands how to play. Solid in transition. Not a great athlete. Good in transition. Not a great defender. (MM+/MM)


6’6 Gabe Warren (Plano John Paul II) (Southern Assault 3SSB) Big savvy guard who is improving as a decision maker. Great rebounder, can score it in a variety of ways. Great kid, leader, winner. Understands how to play. Can defend multiple positions. (HM-/MM+) (469-400-3515)



6’6 Kenneth Lewis (Booker T. Washington HS) (Houston Defenders UAA) Long, athletic wing scorer who can create his own shot. Can shoot it from 3 and is good in transition. Great rebounding guard. Good athlete. Loves to get it to his mid range. (MM/MM-)


6’5 Jamari McDowell (Manvel HS) (Houston Defenders UAA) Long armed, athletic scoring guard, great body and frame. Driver, likes to get down hill. Can defend multiple positions. Decent shooter from 3. Can tend to drift sometimes during games. (MM-/LM+) (979-291-8999)


6’8 Jake Pike (St. Thomas HS) (Houston Defenders UAA) Skilled lefty pick and pop 4 man. Rim runner, shot blocker. Very good shooter. Finishes with bot hands inside. High Academic kid. High IQ. (MM/IVY)


6’2 Tyshawn Archie (C.E. King HS) (Houston Defenders UAA) Has it on a string. Can really handle it and get by people off the dribble. A bucket, is looking to always create for himself. Willing passer, and can make the read, but for the most part, he’s the 1st option. Athletic thin frame. (MM-/LM+)