OTR Exposure Season Opener 1st and 2nd Teams

It was hot as fish grease in the Campbell Center yesterday. It was some big time season opening performances. Here are the OTR Exposure  Season Opener 1st and 2nd Teams.




2021 Noah Kon (Houston Christian)– I was hard on him after a subpar performance against Westbury Christian. He made up for it vs Nimitz yesterday, he got to it early and often to the tune of 34 points. He went 12-22 from the field. He has to average 25 PPG for his team to have a chance.


2022 Bryce Griggs (Hightower HS)– BG loves the bright lights & he put on yesterday with a 31 point, 7 rebound 7 assist game. He was masterful yesterday, and you can see the growth in his game. Had it going, pulling up from the parking lot and knocking down 3’s. His team is much improved as well.


2020 Kasen Harrison (Beaumont United HS)– He really is underrated.. He has improved every year, his leadership is showing. He willed his team to a victory against a tough Dickinson team. 23 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. Helluva stat line young fella!


2020 Rubin Jones (Yates HS)– Yesterday on the court he was trouble… Almost messed around and got a triple double… 27 points, 10 rebounds, & 9 steals.. Had two above the rim blocks too! Helped his team win the 102-100 track meet vs Morton Ranch.


2020 LJ Cryer (Morton Ranch HS)– He’s the only guy who made 1st team and his squad didn’t win… But it wasn’t due to lack of effort. He was face guarded and doubled the entire night and STILL scored 37.. Let that sink in, he was unreal in transition and his 37 felt like 45. Played the entire game.. Went 14-22 from the field.


2020 Antwon Norman (Yates HS)– I went back & forth about who I would put on the 1st team, he or D. Brown… But Norman went 13-14 from 2, and scored 34 points in the win. He got his team going early with his activity and defense. When he got down hill it was very little Morton Ranch could do!




2020 Dylan Miles (Summer Creek HS)– Was hotter than big mama’s house in the summer. Went 5-6 from 3, scoring 19 points in a relatively easy win vs Langham Creek. Did it effortlessly.


2020 Darryl Brown (Yates HS)– Came off the football field right to the basketball court and got busy. 26 and 7, with 3 steals and 3 assists. Gives them a certain edge that makes them the favorite to win the 4A state title. “Big Tookie” is back!


2020 Kenneth Lofton ( PA Memorial HS)– Light Skin Anthony Mason was his normal self, unstoppable on the block and a mismatch nightmare. Typical stat line, 18 points, 14 rebounds, & 5 assists. Love his game and he played like a big time player should.


2020 Chris Harris Jr (Hightower HS)– If he plays the way he did, they will win a log games this year. He was really good.. 16 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. Pushed the pace and took the challenge of guarding the hot perimeter player for Cy Creek.


2020 Westley Sellers (Morton Ranch HS)– Will need to take on more of a ball handling responsibility… He did play well, damn near had his own triple double, 21 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. He’ll have to keep this in order to alleviate the scoring load off of Cryer.


2021 Will Young (Shadow Creek HS)– Willed his team to a hard fought victory over Episcopal. Scored three crucial buckets down the stretch in the 4th quarter. Had a team high 21 points and 4 steals.


2022 Amaree Abram (PA Memorial HS)– Is tarting to figure it out a little bit. He’s VITAL to the success of the Titans. Picked his spots well yesterday, and was aggressive offensively. Went 10-10 from the line. Scored a team high 23 points.

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