Notes: Sat. at Opening Day

6-0 (Pictured) Isaiah Torregrossa (Blessed/Trinity Leadership c/o23) is a fantastic addition to Team Blessed. Quick and crafty dribbler, can handle defensive pressure, nice shot off-bounce, and has some + athleticism. More eyes need to be on Torregrossa.

6-6 Drew Steffe (ProSkills/Memorial c/o23) is underrated as a facilitator-showing precise ahead passes.. he looks up the floor and gives the ball up instantly. TX Tech is getting a shot-maker that can make plays. Awesome seeing him for the 1st time since playoff run..

6-8 Jalen Shelley (ProSkills/Frisco Lonestar c/o24) operated well on the wing. Shelley showed catch and dribble makes, a plethora of finishes, crafty handle, crashed boards, and displayed a dunk package. I expect his offers to start coming in soon.

6-8 Kuol Atam (3D Empire/Haltom c/o24) confident scoring outside from different spots, nice feeds, smooth game inside off of fakes, and dunks it easily. If he can continue to knock down the outside shot his game will go to another level. Has + length and great feel.

6-3 Ryan Forrest (ProSkills/Marion c/o23) is without a doubt an above the rim player. Forrest dribbles his way around defenders and takes off to the rim. Nice control of his handle and is a human high-light reel.