John Paul II: District Title Champs Defeated Prestonwood.

John Paul II wins, 57-49, record improves to 27-7. They maintained a lead throughout the game against Prestonwood. The regular season has come to an end for both parties. Ahead is TAAPS playoffs time.

This was a thrilling game to watch at Prestonwood. A ton of pressure was applied to John Paul II, but they didn’t fold. The score wasn’t at any moment a huge difference, Prestonwood was determined to make the game as close as possible. As they did in the 4th quarter with 4:00 to go..score was stuck at 46-JPII to 43-Prestonwood, thanks to outside scoring from Vinny Sigona and Nate Stafford, but it just wasn’t enough. Late in the game, Gabe Warren continued scoring in the paint. RJ Jones stepped up from the corner, despite having an off-night from outside. Eli Obaseki was defensively aware on the glass, and had a huge off-dribble dunk off of Warren’s assist.

OTR Exposure’s ‘POTG’ award was announced last-night. Gabe Warren (20 points) earned it, as he had huge appearances scoring inside repeatedly throughout the game. Warren didn’t shoot it effectively from outside, but made up for it with paint points. John Paul II has a true advantage when Warren is driving to the cup. He’s strong, athletic, lengthy, and has great control of the ball. He’s a guard that rebounds, showed it this game. Warren holds offers from Rice, UTA, TCU, among more.

Liam McNeeley (13 points) didn’t score as much as Warren, but still contributed in various ways. McNeeley hustled for the ball, blocked shots, he hit shots from deep, and was versatile, as he always is. The standout sophomore holds offers from Stanford, Oklahoma, Texas, among more.

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