Houston’s #1 Player Makes His Decision

There is without a shadow of a doubt who the #1 player in the city of Houston is today. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of guys had REALLY good years this year, Kharee McDaniel and Calvin Solomon made a historic state tournament run. Kansas State signee Montavious Murphy had a big time senior year at Concordia Lutheran, & LJ Cryer put up some gaudy stats at Morton Ranch, but the king of this greater Houston area metropolitan castle is the 5’8 point guard Sahvir Wheeler. He’s played in & won big time matchups, dominated the competition in the city, and even came back from a major injury to lead his team to another state championship this season. The 78th rated player in the country according to ESPN, the two time SPC champion, NBPA Top 100 camp 1st teamer, Addidas Guantlet assist leader, Big Baller Brand All Star game MVP is making his college choice today. I wanted to get his thoughts on his recruitment and what lead into one of the biggest decisions of his life.


OTR: How does it feel being the #1 player in a city like Houston?

It’s a blessing, it took a lot of work. I’ve been the #1 player throughout my amateur career. In order to maintain that I’ve had to win match-ups and win big games. 


OTR: What led to your decommting from Texas A&M?

Ultimately the coaching change played a major part in that decision. I had built a 3 to 4 year relationship with that staff. I wanted to open it back up and see what other opportunities were out there; get a chance to build new relationships with other schools because I had about 4-6 weeks to make a decision that usually takes 2 years. 


OTR: Did you get a chance to meet/speak to new coach Buzz Williams? What was your thoughts about him being named coach.

He seemed really passionate about the job, he came across as being grateful with the opportunity because of his history with the program. He talked about how he got to that point and what he’s planning to do while he’s there. 


OTR: What were you looking for in a school? And what are some of the determining factors in you making a decision?

Relationship with the head coach, style of play, on offense high pace/freedom to get to it, a complimentary roster, who would I be playing with, what kind of teammates are they, the best fit, and lastly the need for my position. Who needs me the most ? Where would I make the biggest impact?? Where do I see myself winning, making it to the final four, or the national championship. 
OTR: Why Iowa State, & Georgia? What was it about them that made them attractive?

Both those schools checked all the boxes, both schools have tremendous head coaches that have won elite level games. Coach Prohm and Iowa St. have won BIG 12 championships, Coach Crean has been to a final four. Both teams lost or don’t have starting caliber PG’s. Both teams have players on the roster that compliment how I play. Both are in high major leagues with big time schedules. They will both be in some big time events over the next few years that will allow me to showcase the caliber of player I plan on becoming. 


OTR: What do you feel you can add to a major college basketball program your freshman year?

Playmaking. Leadership,disruptive on ball defender, a winning mindset. 


OTR: Did you feel any pressure to honor your A&M commitment?

No, I didn’t feel any pressure throughout this process.  


OTR: Any last thoughts, comments about this recruiting process.

Throughout the six weeks I’ve enjoyed the process, but I can’t imagine doing this over the course of two years.

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