Fall Shootout II #SloanColdFacts

The 2nd Fall Shootout afforded the opportunity to evaluate some teams I hadn’t seen before, and some kids I wanted to get a second look at before the season started. Here are the #SloanColdFacts..

*Cy Woods should take the next step… They have size, athleticism, toughness, & depth. They should make a run at least to the regional finals in 6A Region II.

*Clements has some pieces, they are undersized but they do play hard. Senior leader Myles Wilburn shot the ball pretty good from the perimeter both days. Freshman Divine Ugo is one of the better freshman guards in the city and when he’s aggressive he’s a difference maker. If junior Abdullah Olajuwon can stay consistent and keep his motor up, they will have a chance for a playoff spot.

*Klein Forest always has talent.. they never seem to run out of athleticism.. Senior Tavion Powers.. 6’5 jumping jack is the next in line. Marion Williams was his steady self, Chandler Williams is primed to take his game to the next level.. Now is the time.

*Jordan Fitch showed the guts of a burglar this weekend. Lake Creek is going to be dangerous, YOU DO NOT want to see them on your side of the bracket in the playoffs

*Level Up Prep has a good team this year, but with the new NCAA rules being implemented, it will be a great option for some the ‘21’s who don’t get what they’re looking for. Micah Glover was outstanding for them this weekend, shooting 58% from 3.

*First time seeing Will Young w/ Premier Academy.. still have some kinks to work out but he’s the necessary scorer for that team. Junior Sam Curtis averaged 15 pints and 5 assists in 2 games. Going 8-15 from 3.

*Jason Clark of the Village shot the ball extremely well, he definitely passes the eye test. New environment should be good for him. Senior Sam Boyland is talented, he needs to play with consistency and a sense of urgency at all times.

*Dickinson has their next star guard in junior Seth Jones. Coaching staff raves about him and gives him freedom to be successful. Hit a game winner this weekend, & went for 33 and 9 in another game.

*DJ Richards and Jaylen Wysinger were lethal.. and Jaylen Salsman is a nice piece. Having Braylon Haynes back is a bonus, the kid brings defensive intensity and toughness for Cy Creek. Also got to see sophomore Noah Martin get some quality action.

*Dylan Glover had himself a weekend from the 3 point line. He has really improved his game & worked on his perimeter skills and it shows. He and Rodney Johnson carried Bryan, something they’ll have to do all year.

*Hamshire-Fannet made the ride down to the H to get some solid competition. Jailan Ardoin scored the ball well this weekend, he’s starting to get better with his decision making.

*Bridgeland has a their version of “The Big 3” in juniors Keddric Mays & Luke Ramirez, along with veteran guard Jordan Clardy. They will be required to carry the load and provide leadership like they did this weekend.

*Keep an eye our for sophomore Dylan Nguyen at Spring Woods…

*Junior backcourt Jordan Williams and Cole Satterwhite fit well together for Second Baptist. Willams gets downhill and to the rim, while Satterwhite spaces the floor with his long range shooting. Freshman big Alex Scarborough is extremely skilled.

*Although he missed Saturday’s action, Fulshear’s Isaiah Barganier was TOUGH on Sunday. He’s attacking the rim more & not settling so much for jumper which I like. And he’s also rebounding the ball a lot better.

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