Denton Guyer wins the 5-6a championship game over McKinney, 65-55.

This was a competitive game by both teams, and Denton Guyer wanted the game 10 points more, especially the freshman duo of Jeremiah Green and Jordan Lowery, and senior/UNLV commit Kyeron Lindsay.

Alex Anamekwe of McKinney had a very strong start to this game. Alex garnered rebounds, he navigated to the basket smoothly, and played some guard. Alex showed a propitious outside shot. I am excited with what SMU is getting next-year. McKinney’s highly-touted junior JaKobe Walter had 19 points. Walter was strong defensively with a few steals, a charge, and a block. He showed off his long range on multiple plays. McKinney was strong on the boards but wasn’t able to finish those offensive-plays in the 2nd half; when it mattered. Something to ameliorate on to make a run in the playoffs.

For district champs Guyer, the freshman duo of Jeremiah Green and Jordan Lowery were a great part of the district title win over a talented and experienced McKinney team. I am really impressed with the confidence and toughness those two play with. They don’t play like freshmen, at all. Jeremiah Green finished the game with 14 points, Lowery with 12. After the second quarter, Green and Lowery really stepped up. Lowery also finished with 6 steals. Absolutely nobody stopped Green from getting to his signature floater, as he continually showed his dribble-drive to the float at least 4 times. Very smooth. He also showed some range, and knocked down free-throws in the clutch. Lowery was obviously getting his cookies, and also contributed offensively. Lowery knows how to get around players, able to finish over longer, taller players. He had multiple lay-ins, tip-ins, and trips to the line, where he converted.

Now, I know you want to know who OTRExposure’s picked for player of the other than UNLV bound Kyeron Lindsay. Lindsay scored all-game. He had 21 points in this one. Lindsay started the game off with easy put-backs, and absorbed contact skillfully on his floaters. Lindsay showed some excellent vision from the high-post area to the low. He had multiple dunks in this one, and ended the game with a huge alley-oop slam.

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