Day 2 Circuit Standouts

Jakobe Walter had quite a few mid-range makes off-dribble as he created his shots with ease to start his day and was able to convert from deep off bounce numerous times. He showed his athleticism on a dunk on another player.

Kaden Cooper was great on both ends. He was able to hit from outside, showed quick drive and finishes, and hustled for the ball. Plays hard and is a high-flyer.

Wesley Yates was automatic from 3 when it was needed and especially had the green-light from the corner. He also drove in and finished precisely at the basket numerous times.

Liam McNeeley showed a lot in his near triple-double game as the point-guard. McNeeley hit numerous 3s, showed a crafty game with his moves and unique finishes, and very high-intelligent passes.

Doryan Onwuchekwa scored it plenty out of the post and displayed a trademark spin move, as well as a soft touch around the basket, and a plethora of buckets from offensive boards.