Best of Both Worlds 2022 Recap

The 2022 class really competed, & I feel really good about this class. The guard play is above above average and it’s between 4-6 wings that could be special. Their energy and toughness throughout the event made feel like this class can have several Division 1 prospects. It’s early.. I know. but I think this is a special group.


6’1 Amaree Abram (PA Memorial HS)– Played with the 2021 class, more than held his own, was impressive. Talented kid that doesn’t back down, gets in the lane, doesn’t get bumped off of his line anymore on his drives. Fantastic in transition, high level PG.


6’5 Shawn Jones (Shadow Creek HS)– A star in the making. Besides being one of the hardest playing kids in the class, is really skilled and athletic. Pushed the ball on the break, his jumper has improved, made several 3’s & unstoppable getting to the basket.


5’9 Austin Benigni (Woodlands Christian HS)– A bulldog, ultimate competitor, who will never shy away from a tough match up. Played as well as I’ve seen him play. He can make all of the plays man, people try to knock him for various reasons but the simple fact is… he just gets shit done!


6’1 Zaire Walker (Dawson HS)– Played with a lot more dip on his chip. Attacked the basket really well, and was extremely aggressive offensively. Was really good defensively as well, getting deflections & playing the passing lanes.


5’9 Kemo Millender (Clear Brook HS)– I feel like a broken record when talking about this kid. He’s a DOG, competes to the end, tough as nails, and has a superb understanding of the game. A winner, and leader. Finds a way to make plays, for himself and his teammates.


6’7 Cam Crockett (Travis HS)– Arguably the most talented kid in his class. He looked like he was playing on cruise control, gets to the basket with his patented spin move and length. Shot it really well from 3, and also blocked shots at the rim. The game comes easy to him.


5’9 Jaleen Goodman (Summer Creek HS)– Lightening quick, super handle and supremely confident.¬† A deadly combination for the guys trying to guard him. Tenacious defender. Will move up the rankings.


6’10 Adam Stewart (Concordia Lutheran)– Big fella is always at a disadvantage in events like this because not many guards are looking to get the ball into the post. He had a stretch in his final two games where scored on 5 out of 6 possessions in both games. He’s making strides.


6’5 Terrance Arceneaux (Beaumont United HS)– I had to have a convo with him in the 1 vs 1 station about his energy. After that he picked it up and proceeded to play with a high motor. Rebounded well, lead the break in transition and made an effort to defend.


6’4 Xavier Owens (Klein Cain HS)– “X-Man” showed he has more ball skills than I thought. Handled the ball well in the stations, made solid decisions on the break. Love the way he rebounds and his toughness.


6’3 Ryan Moore (Cy Ranch)– Can really score, bigger guard who can really shoot it. Was great in the 1vs1 and 2vs2 stations. Tricky handle, got by guys and was able to finish with an array of different moves.


5’10 Aaron Williams Jr (Westbury Christian HS)– Was locked in defensively, picked up 94 ft. Hit some tough floaters, runners in traffic. Handled the ball well vs pressure, made some solid decisions in pick 7 roll. Better scorer than I thought.


6’5 Chanse Perkins (Woodlands Christian HS)– Went head to head with Crockett, Jones, and Arceneaux and more than held his own. Likes attacking the baseline, rebounded the ball outside of his area and in traffic.


6’1 Connor Miller (Summer Creek HS)– Big time shooter who has a solid enough handle to create separation to get his shot off. Competes on the defensive end of the floor as well. Hit has back and head on the floor, came back and played well. Loved his toughness.


5’9 Joshua Hollis (Enlightenium Christian)– Got caught up in a 1 on 1 match up with Shawn Jones, which is a tall task for anyone, but he didn’t back down and showed plenty of heart. Has a tight handle, and doesn’t force the issue. Didn’t shoot it as well as he normally does, but made up for it in other ways.


6’5 Isaiah¬†Barganier (Fulshear HS)– Big body lefty who is trying to figure out his position. Can play inside and shoot it from 3. Physical, good defender. Steadily improving.


6’3 Chris Marshall (Marshall HS)– Got the event late due to a family emergency. Big time scorer, athletic, tough, hit a couple of 3’s as well, which has been his Achilles thus far. Can’t be stopped going one on one.

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