2021 Rucker on Wood Recap

The 2021 #ROW class lacked some of the top tier guys but their were a couple of big performances from some new faces. This was a good gauge for the kids & parents to see where they stand amongst their peers in a non team atmosphere. I would have liked to see them compete a little more, I think it’s important that kids understand the value in competing. I was excited to see a couple of new kids emerge. Team 6 came out on top for the 2021 class.

Here’s some of the top performers.

1. Sir Isaac “Slim” Herron(74)- Long, active athlete that should have an immediate impact at Lamar this year. Runs the floor extremely well, had several highlight worthy dunks. Loved his energy and effort, really good defensively. Rebounded the ball above the rim.

2. Ja’Vier Francis(53)- Another really athletic, high energy, long kid. Super rebounder, had some dunks in traffic, still trying to figure it out offensively. Plays really hard, and has a chance to be really good! Will keep an eye out for him this season.

3. Mason McBride(26)- Showed he’s more than just “AJ’s brother”, really tight handle, & got to his mid range pull up anytime he wanted. Better athlete than I thought, pushed the ball for easy scores in transition. Used his long arms for deflections and steals.

4. Jack Witmer(59)- V12 motor, finishes with both hands, & competes. Posts up hard for easy baskets, is relentless on the glass, standing at about 6’7 right now, he’s easily one of the best interior players in the class. Attacks the basket really hard, and never shies away from physical contact. Want to see him face the basket more and extend his range out to 3.

5. Kaleb Stewart(28)- Looked really good & aggressive, commanded the ball in ISO situations, and showed he can also play off of the ball. He always plays hard, & plays with a chip on shoulder. Didn’t shoot it great from the outside but made up for it by finishing several drives to the basket. Helped his team win the championship.

6. Damion Watson(78)- Had a really good showing, was great in transition, and showed an improved jump shot. Really helped himself with his energy and defensive focus. Love the way he competes! Plays PG at Cy Woods, but looked comfortable on the wing.

7. Aaron Scott(81)- Long, skilled guard who also helped his stock this weekend. Shot the ball well from the perimeter, has a high IQ, & played a lot tougher than in previous times I’ve seen him. Will have my eye on him this school season. Had a major growth spurt.

8. Patrick Punch(64)- Won the Back to School Battle at Yates & then showed up & played well at ROW. He’s another kid who just plays hard, which is a major skill. Rebounds the ball excellent as a guard, always defends, & finishes in traffic. Will need to fill leadership and scoring voids at Ike, interested to see his progress.

9. Ashton Smith(76)- Big bodied bruiser. Eats up a ton of space inside. Had a great battle with his summer teammate, Jack Witmer, in the ROW playoffs. Doesn’t back down, rebounds the ball out of his area, & plays with an edge. Should have an improved role for Nimitz this year.

10. Ronald Holmes(84)- Physical specimen, defends like his life depended on it. Really good in transition, can play multiple positions, & is really efficient. Will run through a wall to make a play for his team.

Here are the next 10 notable performers(In no particular order):

  • Rhett Evans(11)
  • Jakari Marshall(80)
  • Robert Williams(42)
  • Cedric Cook(32)
  • Tyler Simpson(83)
  • Zach Gonsoulin(5)
  • Damien Himes(69)
  • Chris Felix(52)
  • Kobe Haynes(3)
  • Kyron Drones(40)


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