2018 Rucker on Wood Recap (2022)

Rucker on Wood, the world’s largest organized pickup game created by Jim Hicks of RCS Sports tipped off its 1st session of 2018 yesterday. You could tell some guys were out of shape but for the most part all the of the players competed pretty hard. Although it lacked the pop it normally has, there were plenty of notables that stood out. Top to bottom I think 2022 had the better performance as it was their 1st time on a stage like this. Team 8 came out on top, winning the event!

Here are rankings of the kids based on yesterday’s performance starting with the 2022 class.

  1. 2022 Seth Jones (66)– Was really in his bag, showed he could do a little bit of everything. Attacked the basket really well, made some outside shots, got his teammates involved and played hard on both ends of the floor. Excited to watch him this year, mentioned he will probably play JV at Clear Lake HS.
  2.  Kemauri Millender (23)– Really aggressive defender that dominated his opponents, picking them up full court and getting several steals for layups in the open court. Plays with a big time swag, confidence & toughness. Took a couple of one 0n one battles personally and came out on top!
  3. Amaree Abram(43)–  A quiet assassin who has the typical golden triangle trait(Plays HARD). Showed he can handle the ball in a half court set & make plays for others. Really smooth offensively, and `takes pride in guarding multiple positions defensively. Interested to see what position the defending 5A state champs will play him.
  4. Patrick Chew(67)– Long armed, good looking prospect. Great poise, & was very active on both ends of the floor. Has a high IQ, when he had smaller players on him he posted up, & grabbed offensive boards. When players his size or bigger guarded him, he attacked the basket, and hit open J’s.Very intriguing kid!
  5. Jakory Chatman(11)- Got busy yesterday, was on attack mode from the start. Got in the lane & finished through contact on several buckets. Plays with a high motor. Has gotten stronger & matured and you can see it in his game.
  6. Elijah Hill (56)- Caught my eye with his activity, seemed to be around the ball every time I looked up. Scored on offensive rebounds, and showed he belonged on everybody’s radar. Interesting prospect that I’ll definitely keep me eye on this season.
  7. Brian “BB” Knight (59)- Has grown a few inches since the last time I’ve seen him. Continues to show he’s one of the better shooters in the class, making four 3’s in a row at one point yesterday. Interested to see his progression as a ball handler. Will have a chance play significant minutes on varsity at Katy Tompkins.
  8. Chancelor White (45)- “They” told me I missed out by not adding him to my 2022 watch list a few weeks ago, & “they” were right. Big guard who showed he can make shots, and also made several plays in P&R situations. Played hard on both ends, will keep a closer eye out for him.
  9. Cam Crockett (93)- The smooth operator always seems to have it on cruise control. Good thing for him his CC is still at a pretty high level. As usual scored in a variety of ways, rebounded the ball well, and had some impressive blocks. Would love to see him take it off of cruise control to find out how good he can really be.
  10. Patrick Williams (74)- Big fella was tough on the low block, grabbed rebounds, and seems to have a nose for ball. Scored with his back to the basket, & made his presence felt inside. It’s always tough for “bigs” in environments like this, but he performed well.

Other 2022 Standouts:

Jordan Williams (84)

Cam Amboree (9)

Isaiah Barganier (75)

Conley Christmas (28)