2018 John Lucas Be Elite Camp: Greater Houston Area Evals

John Lucas and his staff once again assembled some of the best talent in the country & brought them down to Houston to see who’s really elite. Here are the evaluations of the kids in the area that I was able to evaluate.Players are in numerical order.


#10- Jayden Collymore 6’4 (Cinco Ranch HS, 2020)– Caught me by surprise. Plays with high energy, seemed to be always around the ball. Really good in transition, & has a nice body.

#15 Aaron Scott 6’2 (Klein Oaks HS, 2021)– long, rangy guard who started off a little slow but picked it up in 5 on 5 play. Got to the basket really well, & has nice range. Would have liked to see him be more aggressive.

#27 Bryce Griggs 6’1 (Hightower HS, 2022)– Matched up vs 2022 TreJaun Holloman(Minneapolis, MN). Did more than just held his own. One thing about BG.. he’s NEVER going to back away from a challenge. The kid can play, he’s cerebral. He did was Bryce Griggs does, he’s just a really good basketball player.

#28 David Martinez 6’1 (Atascocita HS, 2022)– Known for being a scorer, played more of the facilitator role at the camp. Got in the lane & made plays for his teammates. Needs to get stronger to handle the bumps & not get knocked off of his line.

#30 MouDubem Muoneke 6’2 (Cy Ranch HS, 2022)– athletic freshman who tried to “catch several bodies”. Still trying to find a position, 7 figure out offensively what his strengths are. Huge hands and has a ton of potential.

#32 Keon Edwards 6’7 (Sam Rayburn HS, 2021)– Played within himself, didn’t try to force bringing the ball up, & he looked terrific. Shot it well from deep, pushed the ball in transition, & played well in the flow of the game. He has a chance to be an elite level dude.

#33 Nathan Lacewell 6’8 (Legacy School of Sport Sciences, 2020)– Still making the transition to a stretch 4. Hit several consecutive 3’s in the 3on3 drills. Needs to be more assertive on the glass. Would also like to see him post up more. Hasn’t begun to scratch the surface of how good he can be.

#34 Isaiah Leblanc 6’3 (Ridgepoint HS, 2020)- was in his bag.. showed really good range, made correct reads in P&R, & played with high energy. I was thoroughly impressed. He had it going both days. Because of his shooting ability, definitely a combo guard.

#35 Nick Hale 6’6 (Shadow Creek HS, 2020)– Similar to Lacewell, still trying to transition to more of a wing/stretch 4. Has range but needs to shoot the ball with confidence. Did rebound the ball better than previous showings.

#41 Chanse Perkins 6’3 (HomeSchool, 2022)– Had a tough time the 1st day of camp trying to catch up to the speed of some of the older players. Did better the second day of camp. Still growing into his body & game.

#44 Jahari Long 6’4 (Episcopal HS, 2020)– Has really asserted himself as one of the premier players in Houston. Was exceptional in a match up with LJ Cryer. Got to the cup, & was in attack mode from the start.

#48 Eddie Lampkin 6’10 (Morton Ranch HS, 2020)– was a monster.. finished above the rim, played with his usual high motor. Was in bully mode the 1st day. If he ever gets in top shape he’s one of the top 25 kids in the country in his class.

#49 Griffin Gatcher 6’4 (Oakridge HS, 2021)– Played above the rim. Grabbed plenty of rebounds on both ends of the floor. Really good in transition, needs to consistently make open 3’s to take his game to the next level.

#52 Brian McKnight 5’9 ( Paetow HS, 2021)– Crafty pg who had some acrobatic finishes in the paint. Needs to work on changing his pace. Was a pest defensively.

#54 Austin Benigni 5’9 (HHA Homeschool, 2022)- Was his usual tough, gritty self. I was interested to see him against older guards, he held his own. Found the open guy on his team, and made 3’s in transition. Needs to work on his angles defensively.

#55 Terrance Arceneaux 6’5 (Beaumont United HS, 2022)– Long athlete, who was all over the rim. Rebounds the ball at a high level, needs to add strength but once he improves perimeter game, will be a major problem.

#62 Kaleb Stewart 6’3 (Crosby HS, 2021)- Wanted to him to be more assertive, handled the ball well, & was really poised running the show. Would have liked to see him put his stamp on the game.

#65 Will Young 6’4 (Milby HS, 2021)- played really well. Is getting better at making plays for his teammates. Always has been a dynamic scorer, but moved the ball to the open guy, showed he can play with other good players.

#68 Rubin Jones 6’4 (Yates HS, 2020)– Such an unselfish player, almost to a fault. When he was aggressive, scored over multiple defenders, & found his teammates for easy layups. Needs to be assertive & demand the ball.

#69 PJ Neal 6’3 (Heights HS, 2021)– was impressive this weekend. Unbelievable in transition, pushed the pace. Got his teammates involved & didn’t lose a single quarter he played in. Is a consistent jump shot away from being a high major PG.

#70 Alex Lee 6’0 (Clear Lake HS, 2022)– Adjusted to the “camp style” of play after the 30n3 drills. Heady guard who plays within the team concept. Made the right reads on close outs and pick & roll.

#72 Dylan Dawson 6’3 (Atascocita HS, 2020)– looked really comfortable playing the point. Made a ton of plays, & his pull up was falling.. if he can turn the corner consistently like he did this weekend, he will have big year.

#75 Pierce Spencer 6’0 (Lake Creek HS, 2020)– Was one of the few kids that competed in every aspect of the camp, shooting stations, drills, and the games. Played well on & off of the ball. Very disciplined and fundamentally sound.

#76 Amaree Abram 6’0 (PA Memorial HS, 2022)– Showed he can play the point at a high level. Played with passion & energy. Finished over the top of bigs, & took the bumps. Love his game.

#81 Brenson Mwamba 6’2 (Dawson HS, 2022) Flew in under the radar a little bit. A really crafty scorer that has a variety of finishes in the paint. A big guard who gets downhill in a hurry. Will keep an eye out for him this season.

#84 Lj Cryer 6’2 (Morton Ranch HS, 2020)– Has been having back spasms as of late, but didn’t let that distract him. Had a buffet at the basket, & had all he could eat in the paint. Showed his ability to use the screen & get easy finishes in a great duel against Jahari Long. An ELITE scorer.

#91 Braelon Bush 5’7 (Silsbee HS, 2020)– Looks like someone shot him out of a cannon. Crazy speed, & range makes him an ultimate weapon in transition. Never is afraid of the big moment, hit 3 consecutive 3’s several times on both days.

#93 Zach Gonsoulin 5’10 (Ridgepoint HS, 2021)– Deceptive speed & quickness. Really good shooter, was great in transition, often finding open teammates for open looks. Solid defender, got plenty of deflections & steals.

#95 Cameron Crockett 6’5 (Travis HS, 2022)– Passes the eye test with his long arms & frame. Had some plays that make you scratch your head & ask, “why can’t he always do this?” Has to improve his motor & passion for the game.

#96 Cameron Amboree 5’9 (Foster HS, 2022)- Shot the leather off of the ball. Also showed he can finish through contact. Teamed with Braelon Bush and had a shoot off, making 6 3’s in 2 quarters. Still needs to get stronger, but showed he’s ready for the big HS stage.

#97 Kobe Haynes 5’8 (Houston Christian HS, 2021)– Elite shooter who’s superb in pick & roll. Attacks closeouts with precision, & knows how to play angles to create his shot. Great teammate who competes.

#100 Isaiah Barganier 6’5 (Fulshear HS, 2022)– big, lefty guard who uses his physical frame to get anywhere he wants on the court. Showed he can handle the ball in traffic & make open 3’s. Good athlete who grabs his share of boards. has to improve his defensive intensity.

#115 Sam Akinrelere 6’2 (Fulshear HS, 2022)– Attacks the basket with reckless abandon. Strong guard who can create separation with his quickness & strength. Does a good job and creating opportunities for himself & teammates with his ability to get in the lane.

#116 Shawn Jones 6’5 (Shadow Creek HS, 2022)– Long wing had a slow 1st day, but opened a lot of eyes with his stellar play on day 2! Finished everything at the basket, rebounded in traffic, & showed his versatility. Another young prospect at Shadow Creek HS.

#117 Mo Ngom 6’10 (Texas Christian HS, 2022)– Elite size and strength. Runs the floor like a deer, challenges shots at the rim, and rebounds at a high level. Once he figures it out offensively, will make a lot of money playing basketball.

#125 RJ Keene 6’6 (Concordia Lutheran HS, 2021)– Known for his shooting ability, he had several crafty finishes at the rim. Rebounds really well, & looks to make the right basketball play. Really good athlete who competed both days.

#126 Deandre Dues 6’8 (Alpha Omega Homeschool, 2020)– Hit some 3’s and fared well in the 1on1 drills, needs get confident in his ability to handle the ball and make plays. Has all of the tools to be successful.

#128 Jordan Williams 6’1 (Kinkaid School, 2022)– Really athletic and was great in transition in day 2. Every time I looked up he was making a layup or playing above the rim. Will have to get better and handling the ball in traffic in the half court.

#131 Noah Kon 6’1 (Houston Christian HS, 2021)– Can tell he’s really concentrated on his shooting. Shot about 40% from 3, is always good in transition and defense. Was impressed with his shot making. Was the 3rd best athlete overall at camp & 1st in 2021 according to the agility tests.

#133 Hayden Hefner 6’5 (Nederland HS, 2020)- Always seem to make a couple of eye popping plays per game. Handled the ball a lot more, initiated the offense & was a facilitator. Needs to continue to work defensively.

#134 Brian “BB” Knight 6’2 (Katy Thompkins HS, 2022)– Is getting better at handling the ball in the half court. Showed more confidence in attacking the basket. High level shooter. Very fundamentally sound.

#146 Jerrell Colberet 6’9 (Sam Rayburn HS, 2021)- Had some moments that showed why he’s so highly touted. But.. was disappointed in his performance overall. Needs to figure out if he wants to be Clint Capella or the “Greek Freak”. He can really be special if he commits to working hard.

#150 Adam Stewart 6’10 (Waller HS, 2022)- it’s tough for bigs at camps like this, & he had a tough 1st day matching up with Greg Brown. But he didn’t sulk or complain, he just kept competing. Hard worker, who’s getting better every time out. He has something you can’t teach, elite size.

#154 Sam Onu 6’11 (Texas Christian HS, 2022)– Not quite as polished as his Texas christian front court mate Mo, but he’s more physically imposing. Great rebounder & has a huge defensive presence inside.

#156 Conlie Christmas 6’3 (Dawson HS, 2022)– Always in attack mode, long kid who’s getting better at finding ways to score. Continues to play hard defensively. Rebounds the ball at a good rate. Has a developing jump shot.

#181 Nate Clover 6’9 (PA Memorial HS, 2020)– Elite shot blocker, finished well around the basket with both hands. Ran the floor well, & had a better 2nd day. Showed he has range out to 17 ft.

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